Faith Presbyterian Church is a…

Concerned Church
Concerned about making sense of the world we live in. Concerned about the moral decay of our world. Concerned about one’s destiny. Concerned about loving God and one another.

Connected Church
We are part of the fellowship of the Presbytery of New Jersey and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We are connected to all believers in Jesus Christ around the world.

Committed Church
We are committed to the knowledge that salvation is a gift. We cannot earn it, nor do we deserve it. We received it by faith, as God enables us to believe.

Cheerful Church
As God works in our lives we grow in joy, peace, hope, gladness, and love.

Confident Church
We are confident that our faith is anchored in the very word of God, the Holy Bible. We are confident that God will save his people. We are confident that Jesus is coming again. We are confident that we will live with Jesus forever, because he died on the cross for our sins.

Conscientious Church
Resting firmly on the grace of God. We realize God is Sovereign and we are in his hands.

Complex Church
We are not ‘cookie cutter’ people. We are diverse; different backgrounds, different ages, different religious backgrounds, different incomes, different problems, etc. But we are one in Christ Jesus. When one cries, we all cry. When one rejoices, we all rejoice.

Courageous Church
We are not afraid to stand for the truth as found in the Bible.

Changing Church
Not changing the truth for a lie but changing ourselves day by day to the image of Christ as he is revealed in the Bible.

Confessional Church
A church without doctrinal standards is like a ship on the high seas without charts or instruments. It has no idea where it is going. We hold to the sure “chart” of the Bible. It gives us knowledge of where we are and where we are headed. The Bible is our standard and rule of faith.

Christian Church
We believe that Jesus is the Christ. We believe that he is the Son of God. We believe he is God. We believe that salvation is found only in him. We believe that he is the Head of the church.

Community Church
We are part of your community. We live, work, play, and worship in South Jersey. We are also a community of believers that God has raised up.

Colorless Church
Race, nationality, ethnicity makes no difference, for we are all in the same predicament. That is, we are all sinners. Sinners need to find peace by being forgiven. Color is not our problem, sin is.

Caring Church
We care about one another. We care about people next door and around the world. We care about you.